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leave; take away; remain

have more than enough

= be left over.
Ex: But what about the fact that twelve basketfuls of bread were left over -- already broken into bite-size pieces?.
(n.) = envelope ; sachet.
Ex: A jacket or sleeve is a protective envelope for a sound disc, made of cardboard or paper.
Ex: Piperazine usually comes in a sachet of powder, which you mix with a small amount of milk or water before drinking.
* licencia en sobre hermético = shrink-wrap licence [shrinkwrap licence] ; shrink-wrapped licence [shrinkwrapped licence].
* poner la dirección en un sobre = address + an envelope.
* sobre acolchado = jiffy bag.
* sobre acolchado con burbujas de plástico = bubble bag.
* sobre para el control del préstamo = slip holder pocket.
* sopa de sobre = instant soup ; packet soup.

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