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member; partner, associate; sidekick; fellow

partner, associate


(n.) = associate ; member ; partner ; insider ; business partner ; business associate ; sidekick ; season ticket holder ; ticket book holder.
Ex: A collaborator is a person who works with one or more associates to produce a work.
Ex: Its primary function is to provide a centre for software and hardware expertise for its members.
Ex: Under this agreement, UTLAS has a Quebec partner with the exclusive right to offer UTLAS' services and products in that province.
Ex: All libraries, particularly those with rare book or manuscript collections, should take steps to minimise insider thefts.
Ex: The article 'Howdy partner' considers ways in which the Internet can be used as an ideal medium for bringing together people from around the world as business partners.
Ex: Jackie Chan's long-time business associates have dismissed speculations that they have ended their partnership with the actor.
Ex: Her sidekick and confidante is Gabrielle, the rightful queen of the Amazons who abdicated her throne in order to join Xena.
Ex: They know season ticket holders are willing to fork out the extra cash, because you never want to miss out on the excitement of a playoff run.
Ex: Ticket book holders now receive discounted fares to alternate destinations.
* campaña de captación de socios = membership drive.
* carnet de socio = membership card.
* hacerse socio de la biblioteca = join + a library.
* no socio = unaffiliated ; non-member [nonmember].
* socio comercial = trading partner ; business associate.
* socio con derecho a voto = voting member.
* socio corporativo = corporate partner.
* socio correspondiente = corresponding member.
* socio institucional = institutional member.
* socios = membership.
* socio vitalicio = life member.
(n.) = membership.
Ex: CAG's membership consists basically of representatives from each of the British library co-operative.

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