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succor, relief, aid, help; rescue
relieve, succor, help

support, assistance


(n.) = relief ; succour [succor, -USA] ; help ; aid ; mayday.
Nota: Deformación de la palabra francesa m'aider (ayudarme).
Ex: The report concluded that the problems of rural populations 'do not differ greatly from those of the urban population though the difficulties in obtaining help and relief can be exacerbated by isolation'.
Ex: The Government has vowed to provide 'all possible succour' to the people affected by the cyclone that has left a trail of death and devastation.
Ex: The entry is first located with the help of searching.
Ex: Indexing may be conducted entirely without the aid of a computer, or may rely to varying extents upon the facilities for the manipulation and ordering of data offered by the computer.
Ex: It appears they sent out a mayday without his knowledge and when he found out he tried to disable the alarm system.
* llamada de socorro = distress call ; mayday call ; mayday.
* señal de socorro = mayday call ; mayday.
* sociedad de socorros mutuos = friendly society ; provident society ; mutual benefit society.
(v.) = succour [succor, -USA] ; aid ; help.
Ex: There are tens of thousands of hungry children in the world today and well-meant efforts are being made to succour them.
Ex: Although others aided in the compilation of the schedules they were essentially the work of one man.
Ex: How can we help library users to gain confidence?.

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