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welding, soldering

welding, soldering


(n.) = welding ; soldering ; soldered joint ; welding seam.
Nota: Referido a la junta que se deja al soldar.
Ex: The subject headings 'welding of plastic bags' and 'polyethylene films', may be analysed in the same way to fit into categories which define their role in relation to the other concepts involved.
Ex: The subjects 'welding' and 'soldering' might both be found under Metals (Metals -- welding, Metals -- soldering), which would show their relationship but would not give direct entry.
Ex: An early Ferranti computer (1950) contained 4,000 valves, had six miles of wiring, 100,000 soldered joints, and needed 27 Kilowatts of power before it could function.
Ex: This method can also be used to track an object or some feature of it (e.g. welding seams).
* soldadura con arco eléctrico = arc welding.

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