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applied for, in demand


(adj.) = desirable ; sought after [sought-after].
Ex: It is desirable that they be treated as parts of a single serials record, since this will provide a 'one-stop' file containing all the relevant data, and will produce a file with a number of funtions.
Ex: This article argues that critical thinking, a long sought after goal in the US educational system, may be taught efficiently through the agency of library use instructions within the college environment.
* muy solicitado = in great demand.
* no solicitado = unsolicited.
(v.) = apply for ; canvass ; request ; prompt ; requisition ; petition ; solicit ; ask for.
Ex: One afternoon, after she had been on the job a month, she went downtown to apply for life insurance.
Ex: A change to 48% reduction instead of the present 24% is being canvassed, in order to keep the size within bounds, but this should not cause any serious problems in use, particularly as many modern microform readers have dual magnification.
Ex: Also, with online display, the user should be able to request displays indicating different levels of specificity.
Ex: You will be prompted to choose a file; your last search will then be executed automatically in the file that you choose.
Ex: More specialised titles are requisitioned through interlending.
Ex: The stationers petitioned for a copyright act, and in 1709 they got one.
Ex: Outside of that there is nothing solicited from them in the first two months.
Ex: Different enquirers might ask for this subject in quite different ways -- eg, is there anything on 'TV advertising of aluminium pressure-cookers'?.
* contratar al primero que solicita el trabajo = hire on a first-come, first-take basis.
* cuando se solicite = on demand ; on request.
* siempre que lo solicite = at + Posesivo + request.
* sin solicitarlo = over the transom.
* solicitar apoyo = canvass + support.
* solicitar artículos = solicit + papers.
* solicitar asesoramiento = ask for + advice.
* solicitar ayuda = summon + help ; seek + assistance ; seek + help ; request + Posesivo + help ; ask for + help ; ask for + assistance.
* solicitar comunicaciones = solicit + papers.
* solicitar de nuevo = reapply for.
* solicitar el divorcio = file for + divorce ; file + a petition for divorce.
* solicitar el reembolso de los gastos = claim + expenses.
* solicitar fondos = canvass + funds.
* solicitar ideas = solicit + ideas.
* solicitar información = request + information ; ask for + information.
* solicitar los servicios de una prostituta desde el coche = kerb-crawling [curb-crawling, -USA].
* solicitar permiso = request + Posesivo + permission.
* solicitar una subvención = write + grant.
* solicitar un documento = request + document.
* solicitar un servicio = call on/upon + service.
* volver a solicitar = reapply for.

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