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petitioner; applicant


(v.) = applicant ; proposer ; requester [requestor] ; claimant ; petitioner ; submitter.
Ex: The inaugural 1988/89 class of eight Fellows was chosen from more than 200 applicants.
Ex: This paper outlines the evaluation procedure in order to help proposers to understand how their proposals are handled by the European Commission.
Ex: The system permits the requester to specify up to five potential lending libraries, and the system transmits the requests to these libraries one at a time.
Ex: Some material in this database is from copyrighted publications of the respective copyright claimants.
Ex: In closing, I would like to remind investigating committees that they are being observed by the petitioner and his family.
Ex: A confirmation email is sent to the address supplied by the submitter to verify that it is correct.
* descripción del solicitante = personnel description.
* solicitante de empleo = job applicant.
* solicitante de trabajo = job applicant.

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