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solicitude, care; serviceableness; request; thought



(n.) = appeal ; application ; request ; application form ; proposal form ; solicitation ; expression of interest.
Ex: Special prominence has been given to the appeals to implement this task, in which libraries have to play an influential part.
Ex: Applications from newly graduated librarians continue to stream in for most well-advertised jobs in public and academic libraries.
Ex: Because the co-ordination of index terms in the index description is decided before any particular request is made, the index is termed a pre-co-ordinate index.
Ex: The file will start with the job description and personnel description, and will contain copies of the advertisement, the completed application form, references taken up, comments made during interview and the letter of appointment.
Ex: Proposal forms for projects seeking financial assistance must be sent to UNESCO.
Ex: Individual solicitation enabled 480 reciprocal agreements to be put in place.
Ex: IFLA has received five expressions of interest to host the World Library and Information Congress in 2008.
* convocatoria de presentación de solicitudes = call for expressions of interest.
* impreso de solicitud = application form.
* impreso de solicitud de seguro = insurance form.
* número de solicitudes denegadas = failure rate.
* papeleta de solicitud de préstamo = call slip.
* presentar una solicitud = submit + application.
* solicitud de donaciones = solicitation.
* solicitud de empleo = job application.
* solicitud de financiación = funding bid.
* solicitud de indemnización = compensation claim.
* solicitud de reserva = reservation form.
* solicitud de subvención = grant proposal.
* solicitud de subvenciones = grant writing.
* solicitud de trabajo = job application.
* solicitud por escrito = written application.

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