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submit, yield; undergo
submit, subject; bring under; impeach

to undergo

(v.) = subject ; subdue ; wage ; subjugate ; lord it over ; conquer.
Ex: Author abstracts are the abstracts prepared by authors of the document that has been subjected to abstracting.
Ex: Anyway, experience had taught him that a subordinate who attempts to subdue a superordinate is almost always lost; the superordinate has too many advantages in such a contest.
Ex: It is as if libraries find themselves once again mired down in the bureaucratic information policy firefights waged during the Reagan and Bush administrations (1980-1992).
Ex: Only majorities have the power to terrorize and subjugate minority groups.
Ex: They believe that the main use for government is for some people to lord it over others at their expense.
Ex: The tools and technologies provided by the Internet enable scholars to communicate or disseminate information in ways which conquer the barriers of time and space.
* someter a = submit to ; subject to.
* someter a Alguien = bring + Nombre + under + Posesivo + sway.
* someter a control = place under + control.
* someter a disciplina = subject to + discipline.
* someter a engaño = perpetrate + deception.
* someter a examen = expose + Nombre + to examination.
* someter a juicio = try.
* someter a presión = place under + pressure.
* someter a prueba = place + strain on.
* someter a una evaluación por expertos doble = double referee.
* someterse a = truckle to ; bow down before ; bow to.

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