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sounding, measurement of water depth by means of a line and lead; drilling, act of boring a hole; investigation; probe; canvass, solicitation of votes or opinions; reconnaissance
probe; explore, search; sound, measure the depth of water with a sounding line; bore, drill a hole; sound out, ask someone's opinion on an issue


(n.) = survey ; poll ; survey questionnaire.
Ex: Indicative abstracts abound in phrases such as 'is discussed' or 'has been surveyed', but do not record the outcome of the discussion or survey.
Ex: The results of these polls can often be used as a basis for further information action.
Ex: The survey questionnaires and methodology were pilot-tested late in 81.
* empresa dedicada a los sondeos de opinión = polling firm ; polling agency.
* investigación mediante sondeos = survey research.
* resultado de un sondeo = canvass.
* resultados de los sondeos = poll ratings.
* sondeo de opinión = opinion poll ; Gallup poll ; perceptions study ; opinion polling.
* sondeo de opinión por teléfono = telephone opinion poll.
* sondeo de opinión pública = public opinion poll.
* sondeo final = exit survey.
* sondeo hecho a la salida = exit survey.
* sondeo informal de opinión = straw poll.
* sondeos = survey research.
(v.) = survey ; poll ; plumb + the depths of ; feel out ; fathom.
Ex: Chapters 7 and 8 introduced the problems associated with author cataloguing and have surveyed the purpose of cataloguing codes.
Ex: College freshman enrolled in English composition classes were polled to determine their attitudes towards two different methods of bibliographic instruction: the lecture-discussion practicum and the workbook.
Ex: The article has the title 'Mapping the unmappable: plumbing the depths of cross-file and cross-system navigation'.
Ex: You should always end the interview by feeling out how long the hiring process is going to take, and when you can expect to hear from the interviewer.
Ex: As she ascended the staircase to the library director's office, she tried to fathom the reason for the imperious summons.
* sondear la opinión pública = gauge + public opinion.
* sondear la opinión sobre = gauge + opinion on.

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