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sound, vibrations that can be detected by the human ear; noise; vocal utterance; range in which something can be heard
probe; explore, search; sound, measure the depth of water with a sounding line; bore, drill a hole; sound out, ask someone's opinion on an issue



(n.) = sound ; ringing ; audio ; ring ; bleeping sound ; chime.
Nota: De timbre, campana, reloj, móvil o similar.
Ex: A carrier is a physical medium in which data, sound, images, etc., are stored.
Ex: The mere ringing of the telephone and the necessary conversation on it create a considerable level of noise.
Ex: There is also a further dilemma concerning formats such as film and audio which have tended to receive a lower profile in the library world (too awkward, too cluttered with copyright restrictions, too technically instable).
Ex: Pricing is a difficult concept for librarians since we hear no clear ring of the cash register, but it is also problematic for retailers.
Ex: At some pelican crossings there is a bleeping sound to indicate to blind or partially-sighted people when the steady green figure is showing.
Ex: After hearing the chimes, dial your ten-digit customer identification number.
* a la velocidad del sonido = at the speed of sound.
* amplificador de sonido = audio amplifier.
* barrera del sonido = sound barrier.
* calidad del sonido = sound quality.
* canal de sonido = sound channel.
* cartucho de sonido = sound cartridge.
* casete para grabación de sonido = sound cassette.
* CD de sonido = audio CD ; CD-audio.
* cinta de sonido = tape ; phonotape.
* colección de sonido = sound collection.
* emitir un sonido = emit + sound.
* equipo de sonido = sound system ; hi-fi system.
* fichero de sonido = audio file ; sound file.
* fichero de sonido simultáneo = streaming audio.
* gesticular palabras con la boca sin emitir sonido = mouth.
* hacer un sonido metálico = clank.
* imágenes y sonidos = sights and sounds.
* ingeniero de sonido = sound engineer.
* mezcla de sonido = audio mix.
* mezclador de sonido = audio mixer.
* reproductor de sonido = audio player.
* romper la barrera del sonido = break + the sound barrier.
* sintetizador de sonidos = sound synthesiser.
* sistema de sonido cuadrafónico = quadrophonic system.
* sonido alto = loud noise.
* sonido cuadrofónico = surround sound.
* sonido de la pedorreta = razz sound ; raspberry sound.
* sonido de llamada = ringtone.
* sonido envolvente = surround sound.
* sonido estéreo = stereo sound.
* sonido estereofónico = stereo sound ; stereophonic sound.
* sonido metálico = clank.
* sonido silábico = syllabic sound.
* sonido vocálico = vowel sound ; vocalic sound ; vowel-like sound.
* tarjeta de sonido = sound card.
* técnico de sonido = sound technician.
* transposición de los sonidos = slip of the tongue ; spoonerism.
* velocidad del sonido, la = speed of sound, the.
* vídeo con sonido = audio video.
(v.) = fathom.
Ex: As she ascended the staircase to the library director's office, she tried to fathom the reason for the imperious summons.

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