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set free, release, let go; drop; disengage; loosen; come out with; strike; slough, shed dead skin or tissue; cede, assign; solve, explain, resolve; unclasp; pay out

come unfastened

(v.) = dump ; release ; disengage ; loosen ; let + go ; put + Nombre + down ; drop off ; let + go of ; untie ; turn + Nombre + loose ; unattach ; let + loose ; loose ; unfasten.
Ex: The books may simply be laid before the librarian as they are found, 'dumped in his lap', as one writer puts it.
Ex: If you press the shift key again to return the keyboard to the unshifted (lowercase) condition, the lock is then released.
Ex: The ribbon must be disengaged so that the metal typefaces strike the wax sheet directly.
Ex: Reader use, exhibitions and reproductions, age, pigment damages, and the dry air caused by the radiators, often cause the layer of pigment in the miniatures of old manuscripts to loosen or flake off.
Ex: Suddenly she piped triumphantly, almost getting to her feet: 'We could let the student assistants go!'.
Ex: The implication is that these are books to be picked up, looked at, leafed through and put down again.
Ex: That they received regular visits from people who dropped off packages on a regular basis along with money.
Ex: For one, large areas of city were in the hands of the Mafia, who was not eager to let got of their vested interests.
Ex: Bridling a horse safely starts with untying the horse.
Ex: When her owners turned her loose, she followed her nose straight for the good stuff.
Ex: After unattaching all three and then reattaching them, everything worked fine.
Ex: Several dozen exotic animals were deliberately let loose from an animal reserve, with the owner of the farm killing himself shortly after.
Ex: She washed their wounds and loosed them from their fetters, and consoled them in their anguish.
Ex: The sailor unfastened the knot and began paying out the rope, and the rowboat came out of its shed and glided slowly downwards to the beach.
* no soltar = keep + a tight hold on.
* no soltar prenda = play + Posesivo + cards close to + Posesivo + chest ; keep + Posesivo + cards close to + Posesivo + chest.
* sin soltar prenda = tight-lipped.
* soltar aceite = leak + oil.
* soltar amarras = set + sail ; cast off.
* soltar cuerda = pay out + rope.
* soltar la guita = cough up + money ; cough up + cash.
* soltar la lengua = loosen + Posesivo + tongue.
* soltar la mano = let go of + Posesivo + hand.
* soltar la pasta = pony up ; cough up + money ; shell out + money ; shell out ; cough up + cash ; stump up.
* soltar las amarras = unmoor.
* soltarse = work + loose ; come + loose ; come off.
* soltarse de = break + loose from.
* soltarse la melena = let + Posesivo + hair down.
* soltarse la melena cuando joven = sow + Posesivo + wild oats.
* soltar semillas = go to + seed.
* soltar una excusa = give + Nombre + a song and dance.
(v.) = give off ; spout.
Ex: Once the fronds have given off their spores, they die and can be cut back.
Ex: The weather cleared enough that we could get in to the volcanic islands (still spouting plumes of smoke) by copter in safety.
* soltar chispas = emit + sparks.
* soltar una carcajada = emit + laugh ; let out + a laugh ; laugh.
* soltar una lágrima = shed + a tear.
* soltar una parrafada = lecture.
* soltar un sermón = lecture.
* soltar vapor = blow off + steam ; let off + steam.
(v.) = blurt out ; spit out ; fire off ; pipe up ; pipe.
Ex: Then something compelled her to blurt out: 'Are you interested in the job?' 'We haven't frightened you off, have we?' ejaculated another, with a nervous laugh.
Ex: He stared coldly at her for a moment, then spat out: 'Bah! You're in charge'.
Ex: Incredible though it may seem, the youngster didn't fire off a volley of cheerful curses, but silently obeyed.
Ex: Avoid using 'decimate' as someone will pipe up about it meaning 'remove 1/10th of,' and those people are dickheads.
Ex: Suddenly she piped triumphantly, almost getting to her feet: 'We could let the student assistants go!'.
* soltársele a Uno la lengua = tongue + be unloosed.
* soltar una indirecta = drop + a hint.

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