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salary, pay; wages
braze, solder, weld

wage, salary


(n.) = earnings ; salary.
Ex: It was noteworthy that nearly all SLIS were maintaining their IT materials as much, if not more, from earnings from entrepreneurial activity than out of institutional allocation.
Ex: For example, in a general index salaries, wages and income may be regarded as equivalent, but in an index devoted to taxation, it may be important to differentiate between these terms and their associated concepts.
* asesino a sueldo = hatchetman ; hired assassin ; hired gun ; hit man ; paid killer.
* a sueldo = paid.
* congelar los sueldos = freeze + salaries.
* embargo de sueldo = wage garnishment.
* escritor de discursos a sueldo = speechwriter.
* familia con dos sueldos = two-income family.
* ganarse el sueldo = earn + Posesivo + salary.
* ganar un buen sueldo = make + good money ; earn + good money.
* pistolero a sueldo = hired gun.
* sin sueldo = unsalaried ; non-salaried.
* sueldo de pez gordo = fat-cat salary.
* sueldo de potentados = fat-cat salary.
(v.) = solder ; weld ; braze.
Nota: Con material no ferroso.
Ex: Plates could be corrected: faulty letters were cut or punched out and pieces of type cut off below the face were soldered in their place.
Ex: It was not very well welded when it was built so it's not in very good shape at the moment.
Ex: To begin to braze, use the flame to heat the area where the seam will be made.
* soldar con estaño = tinplate.

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