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whey, watery part of milk that separates off when milk sours; serum, clear fluid which separates from the blood during coagulation; clear bodily fluid of an animal


(n.) = serum [sera, pl.] ; glucose solution ; whey.
Nota: De la leche.
Ex: Antibodies were detected by these three tests in 23%, 2% and 12%, respectively, of sera.
Ex: When ingesting the glucose solutions with the two highest concentrations of saccharin the initial rate of ingestion was greater.
Ex: Besides milk proteins, caseins, and milk whey proteins, it also contains low amounts of other proteins and peptides.
* poner a Alguien suero = be on a drip.
* suero de la verdad = truth serum.
* suero de leche = buttermilk.
* suero de mantequilla = buttermilk.
* suero intravenoso = intravenous drip.
* suero sanguíneo = blood serum.

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