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suggest, intimate; prompt; invite

I suggest

(v.) = come up with ; imply ; make + recommendation ; put forward ; suggest ; give + suggestions ; make + suggestion ; come forward with ; hint ; insinuate ; put forth ; bring forward ; intimate ; float ; clue.
Ex: Derfer corroborated her: 'I'd be very proud of you if you could come up with the means to draft a model collection development policy'.
Ex: Omission does not imply that those areas are not important.
Ex: In its final report, however, the Working Group made a number of recommendations concerning the future direction of development relating to authorities.
Ex: One of the key recommendations put forward in the programme was the confirmation of the responsibility of the national bibliographic agency for establishing the authoritative form of name for its country's.
Ex: The references which are suggested are not obligatory, and references should be made as appropriate with regards to the item being indexed.
Ex: Because CD rot can be hastened by many factors, including improper storage and handling during use, guidelines for disc care and suggestions for prolonging longevity are given.
Ex: 'You don't waste any time making suggestions, do you?' said she, at length, musingly'.
Ex: Neither pundit from the past, nor sage from the schools, neither authorised body nor inspired individual has come forward with a definition acceptable to all practising librarians as theirs and theirs alone, sharply defining them as a group.
Ex: Stanley C Holliday hammers home the same message by more whimsical means hinting darkly that a sticky end at the hands of irritated colleagues awaits all librarians who fail to make adequate and accurate notes.
Ex: Novels are modes of prediction that insinuate visions of human relations not to be found in official rules or precepts or admonitions.
Ex: Relevant cultural policy issues are explored, and recommendations are put forth for enhancing Canadian cultural sovereignty through book publishing.
Ex: They also intend to bring forward legislation to provide that the maximum amount of compensation should be £500,000.
Ex: Tiff smiled a little superciliously intimating that he had a plan all figured out already.
Ex: Recently they started floating that same comment again, only this time Democrats have had time to formulate a response.
Ex: My feelings about working women were clued by my observation of pregnant alley cats -- belly or no, they continue to jump over fences.
* sugerir ideas = contribute + ideas ; brainstorm.
* sugerir la forma de = suggest + way in which.
* sugerirse = suggestion + float.
* sugerir una idea = advance + a proposition ; suggest + idea ; float + a concept ; float + an idea.
* sugerir una posibilidad = float + a possibility.
* sugerir unas directrices = put forward + recommendations.
* sugerir una solución = suggest + solution.

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