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gifted, having great natural ability


(adj.) = highly gifted ; genius ; prodigy ; highly talented ; exceptionally talented ; exceptionally gifted ; extremely talented.
Ex: He recorded with great vividness the literary life of London at that time, describing the wit, anxieties and insights of a tightly knit and highly gifted group of writers.
Ex: The mass-market novelist who would probably be happier to be described as a good 'craftsman' or 'craftswoman' than as a literary 'genius'.
Ex: To be a prodigy in music, for example, is to be a mimic, to reproduce what you hear from grown-up musicians.
Ex: Highly talented people have very different values and motivation from the majority of people.
Ex: Britain has announced a new visa category to facilitate the immigration for exceptionally talented people from India.
Ex: Exceptionally gifted children rarely have an easy childhood -- their talent often sets them apart from their classmates and boredom makes them disruptive in the classroom.
Ex: Time and time again I have seen extremely talented dancers, get ultra nervous and worried right before an audition or performance.
* estudiante superdotado = gifted achiever.

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