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surface, exterior or upper boundary of a thing, external part or layer; outward appearance; face; area

summit, surface, top



(n.) = face ; surface ; tract.
Ex: The genesis of this brave new world of solid state logic, in which bibliographic data are reduced to phantasmagoria on the faces of cathode-ray tubes (CRT), extends at most only three-quarters of a decade into the dim past.
Ex: Physiographic divisions of the earth's surface are also enumerated in the schedules.
Ex: Protecting the remaining large tracts of tropical forests is not a financially impossible task.
* caudal de agua o superficie acuática = body of water.
* cubrir la superficie de Algo = surface.
* de superficie = aboveground.
* de superficie áspera = rough-surfaced.
* de superficie rugosa = rough-surfaced.
* golpear ligeramente la punta de los dedos en sucesión sobre una superficie = tap + fingers.
* grande superficie = shopping mall ; shopping complex ; shopping centre.
* ocupación en superficie = footprint.
* preparar una superficie de nuevo = resurface.
* rozar la superficie = scratch + the surface of ; scrape + the surface.
* salir a la superficie = surface ; bubble up.
* salir a la superficie en burbujas = bubble up.
* sobre la superficie = above ground.
* superficie de impresión = printing surface.
* superficie de trabajo = working surface ; work surface.
* superficie habitable = floor space.
* superficie útil = floor space.
* volver a salir a la superficie = resurface.

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