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suppose, presume; guess; mean; involve; pretend

I suppose

(v.) = assume ; entail ; guess ; involve ; mean ; presume ; surmise ; suppose ; gather ; account for ; be under the assumption.
Ex: The foregoing discussion concerning analytical entries assumes implicitly a conventional catalogue format, that is, card, microform or other printed catalogue.
Ex: Secondly, the admission of rules incompatible with the general ideology adopted inevitably entails subsequent remedial revision.
Ex: 'Anything wrong?' 'Oh, I'm okay, I guess,' volunteered Datto cautiously.
Ex: Generating author indexes or catalogues involves creating headings from author's names, that is the names of persons or organisations.
Ex: These changes have meant modifications, some very time-consuming, to serials catalogues in libraries.
Ex: We presumed this principle of organization in the case of searching the public library for a document about programmed instruction.
Ex: One is to read a portion of the newspaper and to surmise under what headings it has been indexed.
Ex: Suppose we are searching for information about the subject 'The use of television in remedial teaching in primary schools'.
Ex: The script was improvised on an outline which, I gathered, was the result of three sessions' hard talking to decide whose ideas out of the many suggested should be used.
Ex: The major four categories of physical forms outlined so far account for most of the published indexes and catalogues.
Ex: I had been under the assumption that attacking an opponent that was unaware would suffice to catch them flat-footed.
* como cabría suponer = as might be expected.
* es de suponer que = presumably.
* no suponer gran cosa = not add up to much.
* no suponer nada = add up to + nothing.
* que supone = associated with.
* según cabe suponer = presumably ; supposedly.
* según sabe suponer = allegedly.
* suponer el desastre = spell + disaster.
* suponer la destrucción = spell + disaster.
* suponer la diferencia entre el éxito o el fracaso = make or break.
* suponer la ruina = spell + disaster.
* suponer mucho trabajo = mean + a lot of work ; involve + a lot of work.
* suponer peligro = hold + danger.
* suponer que + ser + cierto = assume to + be the case.
* suponer que + ser + el caso = assume to + be the case.
* suponer que + ser + verdad = assume to + be the case.
* suponerse que + Subjuntivo = be alleged + Infinitivo.
* suponer una avance sobre = move + one away from.
* suponer una diferencia = make + a difference.
* suponer una diferencia sobre = move + one away from.
* suponer un avance = be a step forward.
* suponer un cambio = bring about + change.
* supongo que = I daresay that.
* ya + Pronombre + lo + suponer = Pronombre + guess + as much.
* ya + Pronombre + lo suponía = Pronombre + thought as much.

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