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stria; furrow; groove
line; plow, furrow; ride

furrow, line



(n.) = ridge ; groove ; furrow ; indentation ; sulcus [sulci, -pl.].
Ex: He realized that the lines corresponded to the ridges of his greasy curduroy trousers.
Ex: The grooves on a 78 rev/min audio disc are 150 µµ (micromicron) apart.
Ex: The design was cut in a wax ground so that, when the plate was immersed in acid, the furrows allowed the acid to bite into the copper, making grooves that would hold ink Mezzotint = El diseño se tallaba sobre una superficie de cera de modo que, cuando la lámina se sumergía en ácido, los surcos permitían que el ácido corroyera el cobre, haciendo surcos que recibían la media tinta.
Ex: Indeed it is normally possible to see with a raking light which was the mould side of the sheet, for it shows a pattern of both chain and wire indentations, while the other side (the felt side) is more or less flat, or shows wire humps only.
Ex: The precise pattern of gyri and sulci in the brain can vary considerably from person to person, but many features are common to all people.
* característica del surco = groove characteristic.
* hacer surcos = groove.
* levantar al hacer surcos = plough [plow, -USA].
(v.) = plough [plow, -USA] ; sail ; cruise ; groove.
Ex: The burrs ploughed up by the graver were scraped smooth, the remaining wax was removed and the plate was ready for use.
Ex: In 1793, Hurley Barnes and his family sailed down the Lewark River in a small boat.
Ex: The system also has an add-on, which allows users with low vision to cruise the Internet using a low vision interface.
Ex: If necessary, roughen the face of the slopes by grooving the surface as described above.
* surcar las olas = ride + the waves ; navigate + the waters.
* surcar los mares = plough + the sea ; ply + the seas.
* surcar los siete mares = sail + the seven seas ; roam + the seven seas.

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