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height, stature; size
cut, incise; shape; measure; work; bother, annoy; gossip


carving , knapping

it carves

(n.) = size ; fit.
Ex: The height of a book is of minor importance, except in that it indicates the overall size of the text.
Ex: Our dress pants are available in a variety of great fits that will flatter your figure.
* dar la talla = be up to the mark ; be up to scratch ; measure up (to) ; be up to snuff ; make + the cut ; cut + the mustard ; be equal to the occasion ; rise (up) to + the occasion ; step up to + the mark ; be up to par.
* de talla media = middle-sized.
* de talla mundial = world-class.
* no dar la talla = not cut it.
(n.) = carving.
Ex: She situates the vessels in the context of Icelandic carving traditions in horn, bone, and walrus ivory = Ella sitúa las vasijas en el contexto de la tradición islandesa de la escultura en astas de cuernos, huesos y marfil de morsa.
* talla de madera = wood carving.
(v.) = carve ; cut ; carve out ; hew ; chisel.
Ex: What the presidency needs is a job description; not one carved in a tablet of stone and certainly not one which would form all future presidents in the same sanitised mould.
Ex: Fraktur, cut with a contrived formality that belied its cursive origins, became the most successful of all the gothic types, surviving as a book face in Germany until the mid twentieth century.
Ex: In consequence, deafened people have to carve out a sense of identity by developing associations & communicative strategies.
Ex: Oak was shaped by splitting with wooden wedges, and by hewing with axes or adzes.
Ex: It was a huge space with hundreds of workers, some digging ditches, some mixing cement, some laying bricks and one chiseling a piece of marble into a statue.
* cuchillo de tallar = wood carving knife.
* cuchillo para tallar = wood carving knife.
* diamante sin tallar = uncut diamond.
* tallar con una navaja = whittle.

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