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too, also, either; besides

too, also, as well also, too

also also

= again ; also ; as well ; too.
Ex: Smaller libraries may increasingly use the Concise AACR2, and here again the recommendations are not always precisely consistent with AACR2.
Ex: This simple observation also goes some of the way towards explaining the variety of tools, methods and systems which are encountered in the organisation knowledge.
Ex: Again, the following statement is appropriate: A is permitted, but consider B or C or ... N, as well or instead.
Ex: In some institutions, too, the library has become one of the sites for clusters of terminals or microcomputers, linked to the central computing facility.
* a mí también me gustaría tener la misma oportunidad = turnabout is fair play.
* donde cabe mucho también cabe poco = what holds a lot will hold a little.
* éste es también el caso de = the same is true (for/of/with).
* no sólo ... sino también ... = not only ... but also ....
* nosotros también = same here.
* ser también válido para = hold + good for.
* un día sí y otro también = day in and day out.
* yo también = same here ; me too.
* y también = and so.

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