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thong, tanga, bikini bottom or underwear that has only a thin strap covering the rear-end
swindle, cheat, deceive, con


(n.) = thong ; G-string ; gee-string.
Nota: También escrito G-string.
Ex: There is nothing to stop you from wearing a thong, you don't have to have a perfect pert bum... after all your underwear is not seen by everyone.
Ex: The Japanese Winter Olympics team has raised eyebrows after photographs appearing to show a teenage athlete wearing a G-string swept the internet.
Ex: They were seen posing on cam showing their boobies and wearing gee-strings.
* tanga de hilo = G-string ; gee-string.
* tanga de hilo dental = G-string ; gee-string.
(n.) = posing pouch.
Ex: Handsome young beefcake wearing possibly the most 'snazzy' posing pouch I have ever seen.

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