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delay, postpone, hinder; linger; be late
tardiness, lateness


to take

(v.) = take + long ; be slow.
Ex: A longer abstract can help in the finer points of selection, but will take longer to write and also longer to scan.
Ex: Public libraries in Victoria have been slow to innovate and always look for a prototype..
* a más tardar = at the latest.
* Nombre + no tardará mucho en = it won't be long before + Nombre.
* Nombre + no tardó mucho en = it wasn't long before + Nombre.
* tardar muchísimo = take + forever ; take + ages (and ages).
* tardar mucho = take + a (really/very) long time.
* tardar mucho rato = take + a (really/very) long time.
* tardar mucho tiempo = take + a (really/very) long time.
* tardar tanto tiempo en = take + so long to.
* tardar tiempo = take + time ; take + long.

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