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rate, tariff
price, give a cost to something, determine a price


(n.) = pricing.
Ex: The aim was to identify and document current trends and practices in costing and pricing, and cost recovery and performance measurement in order to provide assistance to colleagues attempting to resolve financial management issues. (n.) = charge ; dues ; fare ; fee ; rate ; tariff ; service fee.
Ex: PSS has nodes in many major cities: users pay ordinary call charges to the nearest node, plus a charge for the use of PSS.
Ex: No dues or associated costs were involved in membership.
Ex: But he was wiry and wily, too, and he would often hide in some nook of the station to save the fare.
Ex: Information providers pay a fee to British Telecom, and may then charge users for each frame that they consult.
Ex: There will be special rates for additional services such as SDI or document delivery.
Ex: Print charges are usually charged per reference retrieved with online and offline prints often attracting different tariffs.
Ex: Librarian in public libraries are faced with the prospect of service fees.
* a tarifa especial = at a discounted rate.
* a tarifa reducida = at reduced cost.
* a tarifas especiales = at reduced rates ; at preferential rates.
* billete de tarifa especial = discount ticket.
* cobrar tarifa = charge + commission.
* escala de tarifas según los ingresos = sliding fee scale.
* horario de tarifa normal = prime time.
* horario de tarifa reducida = nonprime time.
* precio de tarifa = list price ; listed price.
* sistema de tarifas = charging system.
* tarifa alta = peak rate.
* tarifa basada en la utilización de un servicio = traffic-based pricing.
* tarifa calculada según el tiempo de conexión = time-based tariff ; connect time based pricing.
* tarifa calculada según el tiempo empleado = time-based charge.
* tarifa competitiva = competitive rates.
* tarifa de conexión = connect charge ; connect fee ; connect-time charge.
* tarifa de derechos de autor = royalty charge.
* tarifa de grupo = group rate.
* tarifa de impresión = print charge.
* tarifa de precios = pricing structure ; pricing algorithm ; pricing scheme ; pricing model ; price structure.
* tarifa de préstamo = lending fee.
* tarifa de telecomunicación = telecommunication charge.
* tarifa especial = discounted rate ; preferential rate.
* tarifa especial más barata = discount charge.
* tarifa especial por inscripción anticipada = early-bird registration fee ; early registration fee.
* tarifa fija = fixed rate pricing.
* tarifa plana = flat rate ; flat fee ; fixed rate pricing.
* tarifa plana de viajes = unlimited travel.
* tarifa por el número de operaciones = volume-based tariff.
* tarifa por inscripción fuera de plazo = late registration fee.
* tarifas = pricing.
* tarifas arancelarias = customs duties.
* tarifa telefónica = call charges ; telephone charges.
* tarifa única = flat rate ; fixed charge.

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