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manual; keyboard, panel of keys by which a machine is operated (as in a computer, typewriter, etc.); bank



(n.) = keyboard.
Ex: Further, the user is not required to have any of the typing skills that are useful when faced with and alphanumeric keyboard, and the need to key in complete search terms.
* atajo de teclado = hotkey ; keyboard shortcut.
* insertar mediante el teclado = keyboarding.
* instrumento musical con teclado = keyboard instrument.
* introducción de datos utilizando un teclado = keypunching.
* introducir mediante el teclado = keyboard.
* máscara de teclado = keyboard overlay.
* memoria intermedia del teclado = type-ahead buffer.
* música de teclado = keyboard music.
* teclado alfanumérico = alphanumeric keyboard.
* teclado de perforación = keyboard punch.
* teclado numérico = keypad ; numeric keypad ; numeric pad.

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