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knitted, interlocked
weave; fabric; tissue; web
knit, weave; crochet

fabric, texture, tissue, cloth

weaving , woven fabric


(n.) = tissue ; weave ; weaving ; skein ; fabric.
Ex: One of the definitions of 'organise' is to furnish with organs, make organic, make into living being or tissue.
Ex: Cloth styles began to change in the 1920s with the introduction of plain uncalendered materials that made a virtue of showing the pattern of the weave.
Ex: Again, in Class M7 Textiles we find that the Personality facet P is considered to be the Fibre (Cotton, Flax, Hemp, etc) and in the Energy facet are found the operations (Spinning, Weaving, Carding, etc.).
Ex: Unbridled photocopying will lead to the imminent demise of the communications skein.
Ex: The use of fabric softener may however reduce the water absorption capabilities of the fabric, and is contraindicated in some articles like microfibre.
* confección de tejidos = weaving.
* cultivo de tejidos = tissue culture.
* deshacer lo tejido = unweave.
* fábrica de tejidos de algodón = mill ; cotton mill.
* oxigenación de los tejidos = tissue oxygenation.
* tejido adiposo = fatty tissue.
* tejido canceroso = cancerous tissue.
* tejido conjuntivo = connective tissue.
* tejido corporal = body tissue.
* tejido de intrigas = web of intrigue.
* tejido del cuerpo = body tissue.
* tejido gangrenoso = necrotic tissue.
* tejido grueso de lana = duffel [duffle].
* tejido muy delicado = gossamer.
* tejido necrótico = necrotic tissue.
* tejido óseo = bone tissue.
* tejidos = textiles.
* tejidos de decoración = soft furnishing.
* tejido social = social fabric.
* tejido social, el = social web, the ; fabric of society, the.
* tejido subcutáneo = subcutaneous tissue.
(v.) = spin ; weave.
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado wove, participio woven.
Ex: Then the fairies told them how happily the spiders lived among the green leaves spinning garments for their neigbbors.
Ex: This article compares an expert system to a rug and the shell to the loom on which it was woven.
* aguja de tejer = knitting needle.
* arte de tejer = weaving.
* máquina de tejer = knitting machine.
* tejer una historia = weave + story.
* tejer una telaraña = draw + a web.

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