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watch (be careful)

(v.) = exercise + care ; exercise + caution ; proceed + with caution ; watch out ; take + caution.
Ex: In pursuing brevity, however, care must be exercised to avoid ambiguity. Ex: Academic libraries should exercise caution when using impact factors exclusively for journal selection. Ex: Since the literature on community information tends to concentrate on a relatively small number of successful examples, any attempt to generalize about developments must proceed with caution. Ex: He'll get an ulcer or a heart attack if he doesn't watch out. Ex: Caution should be taken if subjects are clothed in tight-fitting swimsuit. (v.) = be careful ; be chary of ; take + (great) pains to.
Ex: The indexer should be careful not to introduce bias needlessly. Ex: Other librarians at the session were chary of committing themselves to doing a certain amount of business with a vendor. Ex: Manic-depressives who are aware of their mental illness usually take great pains not to let the cat out of the bag, fearing it will damage their career and poison relationships.

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