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try; tease; tempt, entice


(v.) = entice ; lure ; tempt.
Ex: Were we to allow ourselves to be enticed by it, we should be celebrating our Bicentennial by a return to the pre-Panizzi days in cataloging.
Ex: Many librarians are also finding that demonstrations of these automated systems provide tantalizing bait to lure the nonlibrary user to instructional sessions.
Ex: Science fiction may be so obviously rubbishy that one is tempted to dismiss the whole product as rubbish.
* tentar (a) la suerte = dance with + the devil ; take + Posesivo + chances ; tempt + fate ; press + Posesivo + luck ; push + Posesivo + luck.
* tentar el destino = tempt + fate.
* tentar el paladar = tempt + Posesivo + palate.
* tentar la providencia = tempt + providence.

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