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distort; prevaricate, misconstrue; shift


(v.) = distort ; misrepresent ; falsify ; twist ; sex up.
Ex: Commentators who assert their views premised upon a unity of aims for SLIS not only fail to appreciate existential realities, they also distort perceptions about what is the best speed of curriculum evolution.
Ex: When it is clear that material is biased or misrepresents a group, librarians should correct the situation, either by refusing the material or by giving equal representation to opposing points of view.
Ex: These multipliers are low in comparison with those applied by commercial publishers, though the comparison is substantially falsified by the high costs for the institutions of originating publications in a number of parallel language versions.
Ex: We do not have to twist reality to meet our needs.
Ex: Kelly reportedly said that top aides of Prime Minister Tony Blair had 'sexed up' intelligence reports to help justify an invasion of Iraq.

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