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all up
finished, done; discontinued; closed; landed; lost; destroyed
terminate, end, conclude, stop, discontinue, abort
terminate, end, conclude, stop, discontinue, abort



(adj.) = discontinued ; completed.
Ex: Appendices include a section on recently discontinued dictionaries, a bibliography, and a directory of publishers and distributors.
Ex: Returning a completed questionnaire was one of the requirements for futher participation in the study = Uno de los requisitos para que las bibliotecas pudieran participar en el estudio es que hubiesen devuelto el cuestionario debidamente cuplimentado.
* cubierta terminada = topping-out.
* dar el trabajo del día por terminado = call it + a day.
* dar por terminado = conclude ; complete ; wrap up ; put + an end to ; put + Nombre + to bed ; close + the book on.
* dejar el trabajo medio terminado = leave + the work half-finished ; leave + the work half-done.
* dejar medio terminado = leave + Nombre + half-finished ; leave + Nombre + half-done.
* dejar un trabajo medio terminado = leave + a job half-finished ; leave + a job half-done.
* haber terminado completamente = be done and dusted.
* haber terminado del todo = be done and dusted.
* haber terminado la jornada laboral = be off duty.
* medio terminado = half-finished.
* terminado a mano = hand-finished.
* terminado a máquina = machine-finished.
(v.) = be over ; cease ; conclude ; discontinue ; end ; end up ; exit ; quit ; see through + to its completion ; terminate ; finish up ; break up ; finish ; wind up (in/at) ; get through ; call it quits ; carry through to + completion ; finish off ; top + Nombre + off ; wind down ; close + the book on ; call it + a day ; round off ; sign off ; be done.
Ex: Alternatively, the loan policy may be changed to make documents due when the vacation is over.
Ex: After collection has ceased (because a point of diminishing returns appears to have been reached), the cards must be put into groups of 'like' terms.
Ex: Thus chapter 21 concludes with a number of special rules.
Ex: Systems like OCLC are going from classical catalogs in the direction of online catalogs, and at least one institution on the OCLC system has discontinued adding cards to its catalog.
Ex: Each field also ends with a special delimiter, which signals the end of the fields.
Ex: But if you have a certain feeling about language, then language ends up becoming very, very important.
Ex: Enter the lesson number you wish, or press the letter 'X' to exit the tutorial.
Ex: If you decide not to send or save the message, replace the question mark in front of 'Quit' with another character.
Ex: I would like to thank all those who at various times throughout the course of the project assisted so ably in seeing the work through to its completion.
Ex: An SDI profile can be terminated at any future time by the commands.
Ex: In trying to get the best of both worlds, we may have finished up with the worst.
Ex: Tom Hernandez tried not to show how sad he felt about his friends' leaving, and managed to keep up a cheerful facade until the party broke up.
Ex: Activities can be plotted to allow the librarian to determine the most expeditious route that can be taken to finish the event.
Ex: Besides, winding up in an exclusive arrangement with a distributor that has rotten customer service ruins any advantage.
Ex: Some children cannot get through a longer story or novel in less time.
Ex: 'Professional people don't live by the clock: you wouldn't tell a doctor or a lawyer that he couldn't make a decision to call it quits on a particular day'.
Ex: The author discusses the development process which began with a concept, continued with the formulation of objectives, and has been carried through to completion.
Ex: His statement is a serious threat to the cooperative sector and was aimed at finishing off the movement.
Ex: Top it off with spicy yacamole and it's worth the nosh.
Ex: As President Bush's second term winds down, this is no time for him to be making trouble for his successor.
Ex: Obama, who tries to steer clear of the political thicket of race and politics, accepted the apology and said he wanted to close the book on the episode.
Ex: If he gets in a mood over this then I think it's time to call it a day.
Ex: Klaus Ring will round off the plenary sessions with a lecture entitled: 'Are Internet and Print Products Interchangeable Reading Media?' = Klaus Ring culminará las sesiones plenarias el miércoles con una conferencia titulada: "¿Son los Productos Impresos y de Internet Soportes de Lectura Intercambiables?".
Ex: My wife signs off most emails with 'ciao' while I use 'Peace' or 'Thanks' a lot.
Ex: When Velma was done, she looked at Beryl, bowed her head once again and started the slight ascent back to the house.
* a medio terminar = half-finished.
* antes de que termine la jornada laboral = by (the) close of play.
* dejar a medio terminar = leave + Nombre + half-finished ; leave + Nombre + half-done ; leave + Nombre + halfway through.
* dejar el trabajo a medio terminar = leave + the work half-finished ; leave + the work half-done.
* dejar el trabajo sin terminar = leave + the work unfinished.
* dejar sin terminar = leave + Nombre + unfinished.
* dejar un trabajo a medio terminar = leave + a job half-finished ; leave + a job half-done.
* dejar un trabajo sin terminar = leave + a job unfinished.
* dinero + terminarse = money + dry up.
* estar casi terminado = be nearing completion ; reach + near completion.
* estar terminándose = be on + Posesivo + last legs ; be on the way out.
* financiación + terminarse = funding + dry up.
* no terminar nunca de tener problemas con = have + no end of problems with.
* para terminar = in closing.
* por terminar = uncompleted.
* relaciones cordiales + terminar = glove + come off ; gloves + be off.
* sin terminar = unfinished ; uncompleted.
* terminar Algo de una vez por todas = get it over (and done) with (once and for all) ; get it out of the + way (once and for all).
* terminar a lo grande = go (over/off) with + a bang ; go out with + a bang ; finish up with + a bang.
* terminar bien = end + well.
* terminar con = snuff out ; be through with.
* terminar con Algo = be done with it.
* terminar con mejor cara = end up on + a high note.
* terminar con una nota de optimismo = end + Nombre + on a high (note).
* terminar con un broche de oro = end + Nombre + on a high (note).
* terminar de forma positiva = end + Nombre + on a high (note).
* terminar de + Infinitivo = complete + Gerundio.
* terminar de trabajar = clock off + work ; get off + work.
* terminar (el) penúltimo = finish + second from bottom ; finish + second to last ; come in + second to last ; come in + second from bottom.
* terminar (el) primero = finish + first ; come in + first.
* terminar (el) segundo = finish + second ; finish + runner-up ; come in + second ; come in + runner-up.
* terminar (el) tercero = come in + third ; finish + third.
* terminar el último = finish + last ; come in + last.
* terminar en = end up in.
* terminar en empate = end in + a draw ; result in + a draw ; finish in + a draw.
* terminar en nada = end up in + smoke ; go up in + smoke.
* terminar en primer lugar = finish in + first place ; come in + first place.
* terminar en segundo lugar = finish in + second place ; come in + second place.
* terminar en tercer lugar = finish in + third place ; come in + third place.
* terminar en último lugar = finish in + last place ; come in + last place.
* terminar en un tono + Adjetivo = end on + a + Adjetivo + note.
* terminar formando parte de = find + Posesivo + way into/onto.
* terminar la escuela = break from + school.
* terminar la jornada laboral = clock off + work ; get off + work.
* terminar los estudios = graduate.
* terminar mal = come to + a bad end.
* terminar mejor de lo que + empezar = end up on + a high note.
* terminar primero = take + first place.
* terminar repentinamente = come to + a swift end ; come to + an abrupt end.
* terminarse = draw to + a close ; run + short (of) ; be gone ; come to + an end ; draw to + an end ; be all gone ; be all over.
* terminarse el tiempo = time + run out ; run out of + time.
* terminar segundo = take + second place ; come off + second-best.
* terminarse la (buena) suerte = run out of + luck ; luck + run out.
* terminar siendo eliminado = end up on + the chopping block.
* terminar turno de trabajo = come off + duty.
* terminar una relación = end + a relationship.
* terminar un embarazo = terminate + a pregnancy.
* terminar un trabajo = get + a job done.

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