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veal, meat of a calf
calf, young cow


beef, calf, veal

(n.) = beef ; calf [calves, -pl.].
Ex: For livestock, the Commission produces an index in three sections (beef and veal, sheepmeat, pigmeat), which includes the texts of the legislation and is updated regularly.
Ex: This article introduces an expert system the purpose of which is propose some candidate bull breeds for a cow to give birth to calves who might have improved properties in the point of eugenics.
* bistec de ternera = beef steak [beefsteak].
* bisté de ternera = beef steak [beefsteak].
* caldo de ternera = beef broth.
* carne de aguja de ternera = chuck beef.
* carne de ternera = veal.
* carne de ternera picada = ground beef.
* chuleta de ternera = beef steak [beefsteak] ; veal cutlet.
* estofado de ternera = beef casserole.
* falda de ternera = brisket ; beef brisket.
* filete de aguja de ternera = chuck steak.
* filete de lomo de ternera = rump steak.
* filete de ternera = beef steak [beefsteak].
* lengua de ternera = beef tongue.
* ternera picada = minced beef.

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