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terrestrial, of or relating to land (as opposed to water)
terrestrial globe, Earth; ground



(adj.) = onshore ; terrestrial ; land.
Ex: Terminological consistency is a must for achieving satisfactory information flow onboard an oil platform, and between offshore field centres and onshore administration.
Ex: TERRE-TOX contains published information on toxicity of anthropogenic substances to terrestrial animals.
Ex: This program introduces the young computer players to the world of the grizzly bear, the largest land carnivore in North America.
* animal terrestre = land animal.
* año terrestre = earth year.
* ardilla terrestre = ground squirrel.
* correo por vía terrestre = surface mail.
* ecosistema terrestre = terrestrial ecosystem.
* estación terrestre = ground station.
* flete terrestre = land freight.
* manto terrestre = mantle.
* mina terrestre = land mine.
* mina terrestre antipersonal = anti-personnel land mine.
* radar de penetración terrestre = ground penetrating radar.
* satélite terrestre = earth satellite.
* transporte terrestre = ground transportation ; road haulage ; land freight.
* tropa terrestre = ground troop.

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