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terrorist, of terror, of terrorism, trying to achieve a purpose by using acts of violence
terrorist, one who uses terror to achieve political goals



(n.) = terrorist ; bomber.
Nota: La "b" no se pronuncia (ni en climber o plumber).
Ex: The Ndzevane Refugee Settlement in south eastern Swaziland provides a home to Swazis displaced from South Africa and those fleeing the RENAMO terrorists in Mozambique.
Ex: Although social scientists differ about the effects of pornography, there are no parallel arguments that bomb manuals on the Internet give safe vent to potential bombers.
* acto terrorista = act of terror.
* alerta terrorista = terror alert.
* amenaza terrorista = terror threat.
* asesinato terrorista = terror killing.
* atentado terrorista = terror bombing ; terrorist attack.
* banda terrorista = terrorist group.
* célula terrorista = terrorist cell.
* comando terrorista = terrorist group.
* estado de amaneza terrorista = terror alert.
* grupo terrorista = terrorist group.
* terrorista suicida = suicide bomber.

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