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treasure; treasury; capital at hand; mine


hoard , treasure


(n.) = treasure ; treasure trove.
Ex: There were no injuries but the archive and the treasures housed in its 700 linear feet of acid-free boxes were severely damaged.
Ex: By meeting authors cold print takes on a human voice; wadges of paper covered with words turn into treasure troves full of interest.
* bono del Tesoro = Treasury bond.
* buscar tesoros (perdidos) = go + treasure hunting.
* búsqueda del tesoro = treasure hunt ; scavenger hunt ; treasure hunting.
* búsqueda de tesoros = treasure-seeking.
* búsqueda de tesoros (perdidos) = treasure hunting.
* guardar como un tesoro = treasure.
* ir en búsqueda de tesoros (perdidos) = go + treasure hunting.
* La Isla del Tesoro = Treasure Island.
* letra del Tesoro = Treasury bill.
* tesoro escondido = hoard ; hidden treasure.
* tesoro nacional = national treasure.
* tesoro nacional, el = national treasury, the.
* tesoro oculto = hidden treasure.
(n.) = Posesivo + little poppet ; Posesivo + little muffin ; poppet.
Ex: Count yourselves lucky that you've got me to look after you now, my little poppets.
Ex: She has an eye disability she was born with and her mother hates that her little muffin gets made fun of for her problems.
Ex: Well, hello poppets! I hope youre all having a very pleasant day.

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