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aunt, sister of one's father or mother; packet
uncle; chap, guy; (Slang) geezer, old man

aunt aunt


(n.) = aunt.
Ex: He also allows Christian names accompanied by an epithet (aunt Jane, for example) to be used as headings for the main entry.
* ligarse a una tía = pick up + a chick.
* tía abuela = great-aunt.
* tía política = Posesivo + wife's aunt ; Posesivo + husband's aunt ; aunt by marriage.
(n.) = broad.
Ex: She might be a ditz, you can do that with the money she makes, if she wasn't so rich she'd be just another ditzy broad.
* mamá pija y tía buena = yummy mummy.
* tía buena = hottie [hotty] ; crumpet ; sexpot ; sex bomb ; sex kitten ; bombshell.
* tía despampanante = sex bomb ; sex kitten ; sexpot ; bombshell.

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