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uncle; chap, guy; (Slang) geezer, old man

uncle uncle

uncle uncle

(n.) = uncle.
Ex: Both were eager to let their uncle know how glad they were to see him.
* tío abuelo = great-uncle.
* tío político = Posesivo + wife's uncle ; uncle by marriage.
* Tío Sam, el = Uncle Sam.
(n.) = fellow ; guy ; old geezer ; bloke ; dude ; joker ; fella ; kiddo [kiddos/oes, -pl.] ; mate ; bub ; bro ; chap ; josser.
Ex: From the skimming he had given their writings he knew that something like a chemical agent was working in Balzac's defenseless mind, and that the hapless fellow was trying not to succumb to it.
Ex: The general opinion of Edward Wood seemed to be summed up in the words of one staff member, who said, 'Ed Wood's a prince of a guy'.
Ex: 'Old geezer!' exclaimed Carpozzi, staggered, dumbfounded.
Ex: The blokes don't bat an eyelid that you're a girl -- they take no prisoners when they're trying to get the ball!.
Ex: This is one of those movies that preaches nonviolence, even as the good guy is knocking the hell out of a few dozen dudes.
Ex: Then I followed these two jokers to a liquor store where they got them some alchy.
Ex: If your fella is prepared to wipe his willy after widdling just to keep you happy, he must care for you a great deal.
Ex: I still cringe if people call me 'kiddo,' and I'm hesitant to tell coworkers my age.
Ex: Calm down mate, I think your post is closer to overstepping the mark -- a forum is just regular people talking.
Ex: The best networkers are people that can engage others in interesting, relevant and coherent conversation, bub.
Ex: In this case, he introduced his girlfriend to his bros in the hope of attaining their approval.
Ex: In practice, however, such democratic attitudes among the mighty seem to have as little effect on the behaviour of those who serve them as did the remark made by King George V at his Jubilee in 1935, 'I'm really quite an ordinary sort of chap'.
Ex: The other day I thought to take a short-cut through a narrow street, but was confronted by a josser who was even older than myself.
* Oye, tío, ... = Look, pal, ....
* ser un tío apañado = be a good sport.
* ser un tío competente = be a good sport.
* tío bueno = stud ; hunk ; hunk of a man ; hottie [hotty].
* tío cachas = stud ; hunk ; hunk of a man.
* tío competente = a good sport.
* tío del saco, el = bogeyman [bogeymen] ; bogey [bogie].
* tío duro = tough guy ; tough cookie.
* tío listo = smart cookie.

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