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title, entitle
titled, having a title; called; headlined; incumbent
titular; headline; holder; record holder; incumbent



(n.) = holder, the ; owner ; occupant ; starting player.
Ex: The statement of copyright is an indication of the holder of the copyright of that work and of the year in which this right was obtained.
Ex: The owner of the memex, let us say, is interested in the origin and properties of the bow and arrow.
Ex: The administrative assistant position is a new one, and its first occupant, Booth Slye, has been on the job one week.
Ex: They continues to win without starting players.
* equipo titular = starting team.
* profesor titular = associate professor ; senior lecturer.
* profesor titular interino = lecturer.
* titular de cuenta bancaria = bank account holder.
* titular de la cuenta = account holder ; account name.
* titular de la tarjeta = cardholder.
* titular del cargo = incumbent.
* titular del copyright = copyright holder ; copyright owner.
* titular del derecho = payee entitled.
* titular del derecho de autor = rights-holder [rightsholder] ; copyright holder.
* titular de los derechos de autor = rights-owner.
* titular de noticias = news headline.
* titular de prensa = news headline.
* titular de una licencia = licensee ; licence holder.
* titular de una patente = patentee.
(n.) = headline ; news headline ; newspaper headline ; headline banner.
Ex: For example, a headline announcing 'Mrs Thatcher at Oxford hears of second Falkland crisis' does not merit retrieval under Oxford, but does require to be retrieved under Falkland.
Ex: After a year's rapid development of portals by major search engines, adding such things as scorecards, news headlines or links to other services, search engine developers are now turning to personalization as a way of holding their users.
Ex: Inferencing skills can be learned as students clarify contextual meanings of ambiguous statements, mispronunciations, and boners that may be found in newspaper headlines, texts, and conversations.
Ex: Yesterday's report on March retail sales was greeted with banner headlines proclaiming the comeback of the consumer.
* gran titular = headline banner.
* titular a toda plana = headline banner.
* titular de periódico = headline ; newspaper headline.
* titulares de las noticas, los = main news, the.
(v.) = style ; title ; entitle ; headline.
Ex: Mathilda Panopoulos, known as 'Tilly' to her friends and colleagues but usually styled 'Tilly the Hun' or just 'the Hun' by her detractors, is a native of Pritchard.
Ex: In the eighth edition of a work which has been variously titled throughout its long life some valuable comments were made about the functions of bibliography.
Ex: The article is entitled '2,400-bps modems: the pros and cons of searching in the fast lane' = El artículo se titula "Los modems de 2.400 bps: los pros y los contra de la búsqueda a toda pastilla".
Ex: Leading technology visionaries will headline this annual knowledge community event.
* titularse en = gain + a degree in.

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