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screw; vice; bolt

(n.) = screw ; bolt.
Ex: The movement of the bar turned the spindle through about ninety degrees, and the screw working in the nut caused it to descend about 15 mm.
Ex: Conjunctive phrase headings may comprise two or more nouns, noun phrases or both, with or without modifiers connected by 'and' or ending with 'etc', for example, bolts and nuts.
* apretarle los tornillos a = put + the screws to.
* coger con tornillos = bolt down.
* faltar un tornillo = be soft in the head.
* prensa de tornillo = screw press.
* sujetar con tornillo o perno = bolt.
* tornillo de banco = vice [vise, -USA] ; clamp.
* tornillo de carpintero = vice [vise, -USA] ; clamp.
* tornillo de hierro = metal screw.
* tornillo de la rueda = lug nut.
* tornillo de madera = wooden screw.
* tornillo para madera = wood screw.
* tornillo tensor = turnbuckle.

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