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awkward, clumsy, bumbling
fathead; slowpoke; butterfingers, clumsy person

stodgily, lumberingly


(adj.) = clumsy ; gauche ; dull ; heavy-handed ; gawky ; ham-handed ; ham-fisted ; clotted ; awkward ; lumbering ; oafish ; slow-witted ; bungling.
Ex: Such solutions after repeated application cause the catalog to become a clumsy, inefficient tool, and serve only to compound future problems.
Ex: But influence of the gauche Aldine greek of the 1490s, and then of the superb reinterpretations of Garamont (1540s) and Granjon (1560s), was irresistible.
Ex: Then there are those children made to think themselves failures because of the hammer-blow terms like dull, backward, retarded, underprivileged, disadvantaged, handicapped, less able, slow, rejected, remedial, reluctant, disturbed.
Ex: The often heavy-handed paternalism of Soviet children's literature is being challenged and children are being entrusted with real situations and real problems rather than the idealistic, rose-coloured version of reality previously thought suitable for them.
Ex: His zany humor, gawky production, and sexual exhibitionism have grown in this new film into a confident, ironic account of a world in which it pays to be rich and beautiful.
Ex: The League of Nations was a comically ham-handed debacle which collapsed in complete failure, disgracing all who were associated with it.
Ex: They must ponder how not only to prevent such tragedies in future, but also to avoid worsening them through ham-fisted intervention.
Ex: Although he occasionally lapses into a sort of clotted prose, his book is a valuable study of McLuhan's cultural and geographical context.
Ex: Access is impaired by archaic, awkward, or simply strange headings that most normal persons would never look for on their first try.
Ex: He is presented in the movie as a somewhat comical character, with a lumbering but pleasant clumsiness as he walks through doors and into furniture.
Ex: Naturally, like a good mother, she always reproved us for bad manners, or for being unkind to other children, or selfish, or affected, or oafish, or sulky.
Ex: People who talk fast tend to be seen as not trustworthy, while those who speak too slowly are usually perceived as slow-witted or overly pedantic.
Ex: A bungling burglar dived into a river and then proceeded to do the backstroke as police in Florida chased the robber by boat.
* de una manera torpe = awkwardly ; cumbrously.
* ser torpe con las manos = be all (fingers and) thumbs.
* ser torpe para + Infinitivo = be deficient in + Gerundio.
* ser un poco torpe = be slow on the uptake ; be a button short ; have + a button missing.
* torpes, los = dull-witted, the.

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