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tower, turret; castle; steeple; rook

castle, tower



(n.) = tower.
Ex: If the analogy with the fairy story is taken a little further it can be noted that no author really believes in dragons, wicked queens, fair maidens locked in high towers and the like.
* encerrado en su torre de marfil = ivory-towered.
* torre de alta tensión = pylon ; electricity pylon.
* torre de Babel, la = Tower of Babel, the.
* torre de CDROMs = multi-disc CD-ROM server.
* torre del homenaje = donjon.
* torre del reloj = clocktower.
* torre del tendido eléctrico = pylon ; electricity pylon.
* torre de marfil = ivory tower.
* torre de refrigeración = cooling tower.
* torre de vigilancia = watchtower.
* Torre Eiffel, la = Eiffel Tower, the.
* torre inclinada de Pisa, la = Leaning Tower of Pisa, the.
(n.) = rook.
Nota: Pieza del juego del ajedrez.
Ex: Castling is the only situation where two pieces -- always the King and one of the Rooks -- are moved at the same time.

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