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translate, change something from one language into another, render


(v.) = map onto/to ; render ; translate ; dub ; crosswalk.
Ex: The model embodies a semantic synthesiser, which is based on an algorithm that maps the syntactic representation of a tuple or a record onto a semantic representation.
Ex: Editors should bear in mind problems of translation so that the revised edition can be rendered more easily into other languages.
Ex: These rules have been translated into many languages.
Ex: A DVD disc holds between 7 and 20 times as much data as a standard CD-ROM, enough to carry a feature-length film dubbed into 8 languages.
Ex: The technical risks should have been crosswalked to cost.
* dejar sin traducir = leave + untranslated.
* muy difícil de traducir = defy + translation.
* quedar sin traducir = leave + untranslated.
* seguir sin traducirse = remain + untranslated.
* sin traducir = untranslated.
* volver a traducir = remap.

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