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double cross, betray, cheat, trick, swindle
double cross

squeal, betray

to betray

(v.) = betray ; backstab.
Ex: Librarians must not allow their professionalism to betray them into imposing a well-meaning censorship on what children should read in the way of escapist literature.
Ex: Form my history of clans , all 'alliances' between clans are acts of cowardice and usualy ends with some sneaky bitch backstabbing people.
* sentirse traicionado = feel + a sense of betrayal.
* traicionar los ideales de uno mismo = betray + Posesivo + own ideals.
* traicionar los principios de uno mismo = betray + Posesivo + own principles.
* traicionar + Posesivo + confianza = break + Posesivo + trust.

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