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swimsuit, swimming suit, bathing costume, bathing suit, trunks

swimsuit, bathing costume

bathing suit (clothing woman)

(n.) = bathing suit ; swimming costume ; swimsuit ; swimming suit ; bathing dress ; bathing costume.
Ex: A study was designed to investigate comments made while trying on bathing suits in the dressing room of a department store. Ex: In the West bathing costumes for females were first designed in the 19th century both in America and Great Britain during the Victorian Era. Ex: Caution should be taken if subjects are clothed in tight-fitting swimsuit. Ex: Tight clothing, such as swimming suits and the tights worn for aerobics, jogging, etc., may cause health problems by restricting the natural flow of blood. Ex: First the women undressed, pulled on their bathing dresses and covered their heads in hideous caps like sponge bags; then the children were unbuttoned. Ex: The two played around on the beach before getting changed into bathing costumes and going into the water.

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