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step, stage in a process; transaction, negotiation; formalities; proceedings, legal action
transact, carry out, conduct, perform

official channels


(n.) = procedure.
Ex: To this end some consultative procedure is to be recommended.
* en trámite = in the pipeline ; pending.
* estar en trámite = be in the works.
* iniciar los trámites = initiate + an action.
* patente en trámite = patent pending ; patent applied for.
* trámite burocrático = paperwork ; red tape.
* trámites = paper flow.
* trámites legales = legal requirements.
* trámites relacionados con la documentación = paper handling.
(v.) = handle ; transact.
Ex: The document or photocopy is received and the invoice handled like an ordinary order.
Ex: The model includes provisions for circulation policy analysis and management and for the recording and controlling of activities transacted at the circulation desk.
* tramitar la devolución de un préstamo = discharge + a book.
* tramitar por teléfono = phone through to.
* tramitar una petición = process + order request ; handle + a request.
* tramitar un préstamo = charge + book.

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