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transform, change, convert, become

they transform

(v.) = bring into ; convert ; reform ; transform ; remake ; transfigure ; reengineer [re-engineer] ; morph.
Ex: Whether or not these specific proposals will be brought into some kind of overall approach and ideology remains to me a very questionable point.
Ex: All listings for the final thesaurus must be converted to the format appropriate for typing, printing or input to a computer data base.
Ex: The advent of IT into the working lives of librarians and information workers has brought with it a realization that the nature of their activities is being reformed.
Ex: We can permit ourselves to be hypnotized by the gadgetry for access and by illusory cost reductions, or we can use the computer effectively to transform the catalog into a truly responsive instrument.
Ex: The article 'The remaking of librarians in the knowledge era' details some of the efforts made to 'remake' the collection, advertise library services and rebuild membership.
Ex: The identification of resources, the referral of colleagues and studnets, the reliance on the content have been so transfigured in the electronic world that it should leave the researchers breathless.
Ex: Libraries in general, and the corporate library in particular, must reengineer to take their rightful place in the new age.
Ex: The librarians have the capabilities to morph sucessfully to keep in sync, so to speak, with the new technologies.
* transformarse = metamorphose ; mutate.
* transformarse en = blossom into.
* transformar un penalti = convert + a penalty kick.

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