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clarity, transparency



(n.) = slide ; transparency ; acetate sheet ; overhead slide ; overhead projection transparency ; seamlessness ; disclosure.
Ex: A slide is a piece of transparent material on which there is a two-dimensional image, usually held in a mount, and designed for use in a projector or viewer.
Ex: A transparency is a sheet of transparent material bearing an image and designed for use with an overhead projector or a light box.
Ex: The teacher may use pre-prepared acetate sheets home-produced using a spirit-based pen to ensure permanence.
Ex: The main form of knowledge transfer and the basis for decision making within corporations has not been a paper, a document or a detailed report, but a set of overhead slides and the discussions around them.
Ex: The catalogue covers filmstrips, slides, films, filmloops, portfolios, posters, charts, overhead projection transparencies, kits, cassettes, gramophone records, work cards, educational games, spirit masters, etc.
Ex: The article covers the growth in World Wide Web based products, pricing, seamlessness, outsourcing, ease of use, and partnerships and alliances.
Ex: The patent abstract is a concise statement of the technical disclosure of the patent and must emphasize that which is new in the context of the invention.
* proyección de transparencias = overhead projection.
* transparencia de sobreposición = overlay.
* transparencia de superposición = overlay transparency.

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