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posterior, rear; after; rearward, rearmost; back
rear, behind; posterior, backside; quarters; seat

rear, breech


(n.) = bottom ; bum ; backside ; buttocks ; rear end ; bahookie ; tush ; heinie ; booty ; tushy ; butt ; behind ; prat ; fundament ; rump ; ass ; arse ; derriere ; caboose ; duff ; tuchus.
Ex: There is 'no bottom which can be decisively kicked or even a soul to damn'.
Ex: At heart, it is a smirkingly adolescent pursuit of cheap laughs and mild titillation, with a surfeit of jokes involving breasts and bums and with new extremes of scatological humiliation.
Ex: Corporal punishment, the act of disciplining students by inflicting physical pain (usually paddling the child's backside), has recently come under fire due to the public's growing concern over child abuse = El castigo corporal, acto de disciplinar a los estudiantes infligiendo dolor físico (por lo general azotando el trasero del niño), ha sido criticado debido a la creciente preocupación del público sobre el maltrato infantil.
Ex: Fournier's gangrene is a necrotizing fasciitis of the scrotum or perineum that may extend to the clavicles, penis, buttocks, and lower extremities.
Ex: People may find the swollen female rear ends ugly, but male baboons find them attractive.
Ex: She's not as fragile as she looks and you may end up with her toe up your bahookie.
Ex: They are just sitting on their tushes and doing nothing but talking about what is wrong with their country.
Ex: Sheep walk in a row by sniffing each other's heinies.
Ex: American socialite Kim Kardashian has revealed that she's planning to get her booty insured.
Ex: He lost his job as a male model after an injury left him with an unsightly scar on his tushy.
Ex: I wear white briefs and I always get skid marks, especially when I work out and my butt gets sweaty that creates skid marks (from taking a dump earlier).
Ex: She prances around her apartment nude -- she obviously likes her behind a lot but who doesn't like it!.
Ex: Whenever Raymond crooked over to pick something up Fred couldn't help staring at his prat.
Ex: A commonly quoted version of Edward's death is that he was murdered with a red-hot poker forced up his fundament.
Ex: Why are women so self conscious about their rumps?.
Ex: She loves taking a cock in the twat and another in the ass.
Ex: I don't really care if he does like real ale, even if his arse was hung with diamonds he would still be a twat.
Ex: They wouldn't understand a joke even if it bit them in the derriere.
Ex: He also felt it was just fine to compliment her on her 'nice caboose'.
Ex: She stands like a penguin and her duff is almost touching the ground.
Ex: It's official: sitting on your tuchus all day will make you fat.
* dar un pellizco en el trasero = bottom pinching.
* patada en el trasero = kick in + the ass/arse ; kick in + the butt.
* pellizcar el trasero = bottom pinching.
* trasero respingón = pert bum ; pert bottom.
(adj.) = rear.
Ex: Taking the hose with it, the spindle forced the platen down on to the back of the rear half of the tympan.
* asiento trasero = pillion seat ; back seat.
* asiento trasero, el = rear seat, the.
* cuartos traseros = hindquarters.
* cuarto trasero = rump ; hunkers.
* eje trasero = rear end ; rear axle.
* en el asiento trasero = in the back seat.
* en la parta trasera (de) = on the back (of).
* en la parte trasera = in the back ; at the rear ; at the back.
* faro antiniebla trasero = rear fog light ; rear fog lamp ; tail fog lamp ; tail fog light.
* ir en el asiento trasero = pillion riding ; ride + pillion .
* jardín trasero = back-garden ; rear garden.
* lámpara trasera = rear lamp.
* la parte trasera de = the back of.
* luz antiniebla trasera = rear fog light ; rear fog lamp ; tail fog lamp ; tail fog light.
* luz trasera = tail light.
* parte trasera = back ; rear.
* pata trasera = hind leg ; rear leg ; back leg.
* piloto antiniebla trasero = rear fog light ; rear fog lamp ; tail fog lamp ; tail fog light.
* puerta trasera = back door ; patio door.
* suspensión trasera = rear suspension.
* tren trasero = rear end.

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