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overtone; undertone


(n.) = background ; undercurrent ; undertone ; subtext.
Ex: In the background has often been the need, at a time of declining financial resources, to demonstrate the relevance of the library to all sectors of society and there can sometimes be detected an element of patronization.
Ex: Results indicate an exceedingly positive attitude, even though there is a strong undercurrent of personal frustration and irritation.
Ex: Speakers covered the history of the campaign to alert parents to racist undertones in children's books.
Ex: Another subtext is the tendency for the sensationalist Japanese media to blow things out of all proportion.
* encontrarse en el trasfondo de = lie at + the root of.
* en el trasfondo de = at the root of.
* teniendo como trasfondo = against a background of ; against a backdrop of ; set against + a backdrop of.
* teniendo esto como trasfondo = against this background.
* trasfondo social = social background.

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