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joylessly, sadly, unhappily, despondently, morosely; regretfully, unfortunately
sad, unhappy, sorrowful, dolorous

sad, joyless, unhappy, dismal, doleful, dreary


(adj.) = bleak ; sad ; sagging ; wistful ; depressing ; glum ; miserable ; morose ; doleful ; mournful ; plangent.
Ex: The projections of qualified manpower into the year 2000 are bleak for personnel based industries.
Ex: Tom Hernandez tried not to show how sad he felt about his friends' leaving, and managed to keep up a cheerful facade until the party broke up.
Ex: It was obvious that Balzac's enthusiasm for the grant lifted his spirits up from their normal sagging state.
Ex: A wistful look appeared in his eyes as he lingered over memories of President Langeford.
Ex: Since 1963 they have produced their own bibliographic listings with various degrees of efficiency and comprehensiveness but usually with the same depressing tardiness in recording new publications which has so beset the UNDEX listings.
Ex: Children no less than adults are subject to fits of boredom, to times when they feel glum or restless when everything they usually enjoy lacks attraction, purpose or pleasure.
Ex: Sometimes of an evening, after my miserable journeyings through the day, I would stand for hours in the Strand, leaning against the shutters of a closed shop, and watching the compositors at work by gaslight on the opposite side of the way, upon a morning paper.
Ex: His limber writing consequentializes the inconsequential, and there is not one morose moment in his work, no hint of sourness.
Ex: This year will go down as the most depressing doleful Christmas I've ever had.
Ex: In my dreams I hear again the crash of guns, the rattle of musketry, the strange, mournful mutter of the battlefield.
Ex: Around its shrouded summit the regal birds wheeled by the hundreds, their plangent wails and cackles echoing off the black volcanic slopes.
* Caballero de la Triste Figura, el = Knight of the Doleful Countenance, the.
* cara triste = grim face.
* caso triste = sad story.
* la triste realidad (del asunto) es que = the sad truth (of the matter) is that.
* la triste realidad es que = the sad fact is (that).
* ponerse triste = mope ; sulk.
* sentirse triste = feel + sad.
* triste de admitir = sad to relate.
* triste realidad = fact of life.
* triste recordatorio = painful reminder.

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