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trip up, trip over; walk in; encounter; happen on; light

(v.) = stumble ; trip.
Ex: For some people the best way of progressing through the Internet may be by stumbling at the obstacles but persevering in the effort to move forward.
Ex: He's like that one awkward kid that is never good at anything in gym class and you just can't help but feel bad for him everytime he trips.
* tropezar con = bump into ; run into ; trip on ; run up against ; cross + Posesivo + path ; trip over ; walk into.
* tropezar con dificultades = run into + difficulties.
* tropezar con el dedo gordo = stub + Posesivo + toe.
* tropezar con problemas = run into + problems.
* tropezar los unos con los otros = trip over + each other.
* tropezarse con = stumble on(to).
* tropezar una persona con otra = fall over + each other's feet.

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