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location, situation



(n.) = location ; siting ; site ; digs ; emplacement.
Ex: Having been alerted to the existence of a document, the user needs information concerning the actual location of the document, in order that the document may be read.
Ex: Therefore careful siting is an important factor when considering the way the service will be used.
Ex: Here, families from many different communities were up-rooted and resettled on greenfield sites, many miles away from relatives and friends.
Ex: Don't go to France thinking that your cherished ancient library from your 50s/60s school days remains unchanged amid the splendour of its beautiful if dingy old digs.
Ex: However, circumstantial evidence gives weight to the claim that these features should be linked to the emplacement of the stone in its present location.
* basado en la ubicación = location-based.
* de ubicación = locational.
* información sobre ubicación = location information.
* información sobre ubicación y existencias = holdings and location information ; holdings information ; holdings statement.
* nota de ubicación y existencias = holdings note.
* servicio basado en la ubicación = location-based service.
* ubicación geográfica = geographical disposition.
* ubicación relativa = relative location.
* ubicación topográfica = shelf location.
* ubicación topográfica fija = fixed location.
* ubicación topográfica relativa = relative location.

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